"Visit the St. Malo Provincial Park year-round"

Summer Fun at St. Malo Park Winter Fun at St. Malo Park

St-Malo Park

Come visit the lovely recreation park set next to the town of St. Malo. Long a tradition for the people of the area, families and groups from miles away are increasingly taking advantage of St. Malo's pleasant atmosphere.

Centered around a reservoir, this is a place to come and relax for a picnic or a holiday. It's also a good place to take your canoe or sailboard for a ride. Two beaches answer the call for a cool swim and sunbathing on a nice summer's day. When it's time to stretch your legs or when children are looking for adventure, explore the Rat River dam and dyke. Later, wander through the trails to loop around the lake and back through an aspen forest.

The Park is identified as a main attraction to be used on a year round basis. St. Malo Provincial Park has lots to offer the outdoor person...cross country skiing, ice car racing, ice fishing, tobogganing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing to name but a few. Still, the community needed a major event to "package" the promotion of these outdoor activities. An agreement reached with the Festival du Voyageur to hold the Winter Festival of Friends during their own festival created the avenue for us to become an official trading post. Since 2008, during the Winter Festival of Friends held on the Louis Riel long weekend in February, the Chaboille Trading Post welcomes and entertains thousands in the spirit of joie de vivre and cultural enjoyment.

History of St-Malo Friends of the Park

The Friends of St. Malo Provincial Park Inc. is a non-profit incorporated organization that was formed on October 22, 2003. Friends gained their charitable status on March 1, 2007 and has a fiscal year end of December 31.

Since its inception, St-Malo Friends of the Park has worked with the community to enhance the utilization of the Park. A strong emphasis has been made to make aware the wonderful family winter activities that can be had in the Park. Since February 2008, a Friends Winter Festival is held during the Louis Riel long weekend to celebrate this "Joie de Vivre" in partnership with the Festival du Voyageur. St. Malo is an official trading post operating under the name Chaboille Trading Post.